Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!

$10,000 Grand Prize Winner

2014 Gran Prize Winner

John Lewandowski representing Grand Prize Winner
Disease Diagnostic Group from Case Western University

Disease Diagnostic Group is offering a RAM device designed to provide a one-minute, handheld diagnosis of malaria with one drop of blood from a fingertip at one-tenth of the cost and with one-hundred times the detection level of current competitors.
Disease Diagnostic Group

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$5,000 LESI Global Award Winner

2014 Global Award Winner

(l to r) Pu Wang, Gary Travis and Jennifer Rostami representing Global Award Winner Vibronix from Purdue University.

Vibronix, Inc. offers advanced imaging solutions for disease diagnosis, treatment guidance and therapeutics development. The team aims to introduce the Intravascular Photoacoustic System, a catheter-based intravascular sensor for predicting the risk of heart attack.

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