2017 Business Plan Competition

2017 Finalists

With more than 80 teams registering, an unprecedented number including 1/3 international teams, the first round of the LESF International Business Plan Competition is complete. The submissions showcased the brightest new businesses and product plans from both domestic and international teams from near and far, including Canada, Hong Kong, and India. The 8 teams will be moving forward to compete for 4 prizes: The Grand Prize, International Prize, Members’ Choice, and the Best Student Team. Many thanks to the mentors and first round judges who helped get the teams and Competition progress through the first round. The LES Foundation also expresses gratitude to the in-kind contributions of the IP Toolkit sponsors.

The teams, listed in alphabetical order, include:

These teams deserve congratulations for making it thus far in the Competition. As you can see, the future is bright in the various industries represented by the promising projects and products outlined briefly in this article. As those involved in the Intellectual Property realm, it is encouraging to know that innovations are constantly in the works to contribute advances in technology and communications throughout the country and the world. This is the benefit of hosting the LESF International Business Plan Competition and why we appreciate the generous donations of LES members to continue this legacy of encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

The final round of the International Business Competition will take place on May 8th in Washington, DC, with winners announced during the LES Spring Meeting.


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