2015 Graduate Student Business Plan Competition

IP Toolbox

Note to Competitors! These limited samples are offered on a first come, first served basis. We strongly encourage you to choose an LES Business Plan Mentor to advise you with your findings. These services may contact you for feedback near the end of your trial period. 


Global Prior Art, Inc.         IP Checkups          Questel          

Relecure      TechPats      Traklight


Up to five hours of interactive and introductory patent analysis services using the GlobalMap and Global Prior Art’s IP landscape analysis tools working with the teams/business idea.  The offering can be made to up to four teams working in each of the following subject areas: Medical Devices (1 team), Biotechnology (1 team), Electronics (1 team) and Software (1 team).

IP Checkups

IP Checkups is a patent analytics and software firm specializing in patent landscape analysis and competitive patent monitoring software.  

IP Checkups will provide up to 5 teams with complimentary licensed access for 9 months to its PatentCAM™ software for managing, organizing, and monitoring relevant patent information.  This will enable teams to sort, analyze, and monitor patents relevant to their business area to make more informed technology, market and product development decisions.


Orbit IP Business Intelligence provides the tools needed to unlock the business insight hidden in global patent data:

Questel offers access for one month and up to 5 hours of support/training.


Relecura is a Patent and Portfolio Analysis Platform that simplifies and streamlines tasks related to the creation, analysis, and commercialization of Intellectual Property.

Relecura will provide up to two to three weeks access to the web based Relecura IP Tool.


TechPats is an IP consulting company known best for patent mining, reverse engineering, and technical expertise. To help early-stage entrepreneurs we typically offer an IP landscaping report that helps identify relevant patents, patent owners, and potential competitors in the chosen technology. For each of two (2) teams in the LES competition, TechPats can offer up to 5 hours of patent analysis services, such as, patent searching, patent landscaping, freedom to operate searching, potential infringement investigation, or licensing strategy.  We can provide a courtesy consultation with any team interested in our services until two teams have chosen us.


Traklight's  ID your IP® software platform helps you identify and manage your business risk and potential intellectual property. Once your team completes the ID your IP questionnaire, the responses will be used to create five custom IP reports:

These reports will help your team identify potential business risks and develop an IP strategy and provide you with recommended next steps. While using ID your IP, teams are educated about IP and contracts, and they can detail costs of development and IP ownership. As a plus, teams may uncover hidden potential IP that they previously overlooked. *The offering is limited to 1 ID your IP per team for one year.*